Frequently asked Questions

What is (LP)?
  technically spoken LP is an internet platform that serves the Legal Profession around the globe to obtain information about "anything" that could be relevant for their business. Mainly, and at present, however, it offers members of the Legal Profession to publish and search NEWS, EVENTS, CLASSIFIED ADS and TRAINING and CONTINUOUS EDUCATION Events. It is also intended to increasingly populate the locations database with institutions that may be helpful for Legal Professionals to find information on a global scale
What do you mean with "Legal Profession"?
  "Legal Profession" in our sense are all persons who have completed academic law studies or who are in the process of studying law to become a Legal Professional. We also include in this term institutions and organsiations who rule, regulate and serve the Legal Profession. This could be governmental institutions such as the ministry or secretary of justice, bars, chambers to whom administrative and disciplinary rights might be delegated as well as associations (without mandatory membership) of those who practise law. This could also include research institutions or privately organised institutions. While not being terribly strict in the matter, at present LP restricts publishing of Events, News and Training & CE to academically educated practioners and students and those who serve them. As time flows LP may decide offer access to para legals and employees
What can I contribute to ""
  You can contribute by adding NEWS, EVENTS, TRAINING & CE and CLASSIFIED ADS to the LP website. You may also mail the details of relevant organisations and instituions to the webmaster to get them "on the map" and into the search database. We are also open to add more search categories and classifications to LP-
Which are the requirements for Contributions?
  The minimum requirement for any contribution is registration with LP. If you only want to contribute CLASSIFIED ADS no further action is required.
If you want to contribute to any or all of NEWS, EVENTS, TRAINING & CE we ask to contact the webmaster by email stating briefly what type of organisation you represent and what type of information you wish to contribute. LP will promptly decide whether your account qualifies for the requested contributions and inform you accordingly.
As a rule of thump: to be published ALL contributions to LP must - to some comprehensible extent - be of CROSS-BORDER or INTERNATIONAL RELEVANCE. Domestic only or mainly domestic issues will not be published or removed from LP.
Why register and how does registration work?
  Registration is a fairly simple process: you either click here or on the registration button on the "Login" page. You are then required to supply some information; mainly your ACTIVE email address which serves as a user name for logging in and a password at your choice. Most of the the other information is voluntary for those who only wish to contribute CLASSSIFIED ads. Registration serves as minimum protection against the website being spammed and to follow up with originators of undesired content on the LP website
I'm registered and qualified for NEWS, EVENTS etc. but my contributions do not show up on LP
  All contributions except CLASSIFIED ADS show up only after they are released by LP. Release of these items may take up to a business day. You'll be notified by email as soon as your contribution appears on the LP Website.
My contribution disappeared from the Website - How's this?
  All contributions except for news are purged from the website after a given time: obviously after an event as taken place, or for classifieds (unless you remove them yourselves earlier) latest after 90days past entry on the website. For the news you can determine the deadline after the news is removed from the website - or choose to keep it forever. Ultimately LP may decide to remove an item from the website if it is judged to be inappropriate for the website by LP - It is at the sole and exclusive discretion of LP to remove items from their website without explanation.
I'm registered but I cannot log in - what can I do?
  As an ultimate resort you may be banned from loging in, if you repeatedly contribute items which do not meet the standards of LP. If this is the case, you will be notified thereof upon your next attempt to log in. If you believe that you are banned by error you may want to contact the webmaster by email. LP however reserves any and all rights to restrict access to their website at their sole and exclusive discretion.
How do I get "on the Map"
  Just send an email to the webmaster, detailing what your institution or organisation does, contact details and web-address. LP will promptly decide whether you can be put "on the map".
How can I actually add, edit or delete an item
  After you have registered with LP you can "login" on the bottom bar of the start page of the website by using your credentials (see above) - The word "Login" is then replaced by your login name - login actually persists until you close your browser. If you choose any of the NEWS, EVENTS, CLASSIFIEDS, TRAINING & CE items a plus (+) sign will appear on the the index bar (if you are eligible for adding to those items - see above under registration).
Click it and you'll be presented a text entry form.
Otherwise the the top bar of the listed item details will change from green to yellow if you are "the owner" of the item. Additionally a pen and a cross symbol appears next to the title of the item. "Pen" obviously means edit and the "cross" means delete. Please be careful: Delete is "delete" with no questions asked!
I can't get my full text into the boxes - how come?
  LP whishes to be an information broker, not an information sink. This is why we limit the amount of text that can be entered in the description boxes of the various contribution items to a maximum of 512Chars (which is approximately half a typed page). If you wish to provide more detail than space for a single item is available, you are strongly encouraged to enter a link to a website that gives more detail or supply other contact detail where to obtain such information.
I have significantly less than 512 characters in my contribution - it still doesn't appear complete on the website - why's that?
  All formatting code is counted when entering an item. Formatting and multiple re formatting may leave invisible traces which reduce your actually available visible amount of text.
Particularly copying text from a wordprocessor and pasting it into LP may carry a tremendous amount of unused formatting code.
We suggest that you first of all enter plain text - and afterwards format it - parsimoniously.