About Legal-Profession.org

An intitiative of the Frankfurt on the Main Lawyers Chamber

Legal-Profession.org operates an internet platform that allows lawyers' organisations and institutions to present themselves to a wider public. Also events and news relevant for internationally active professionals can be pulished on Legal-Profession.org webspace. Organisations eligible to publish on Legal-Profession.org may be regional or domestic lawyers' chambers with mandatory membership but also voluntary associations on the domestic or international level. Also individuals are eligible to publish on Legal-Profession.org (read below).

All these organisations endeavour to establish and maintain high ethical and quality standards of legal counsel as a landmark of legal professionalism. All of them offer events and continuous juridical education (CJE) relevant for international and cross-border legal business. To the same extend lawyers do business for their clients on an international scale their organisations have to devote themselves to cross-border topics. Obviously an operational network amongst the organisations is well suited to co ordinate similar but frequently duplicate and overlapping efforts. Hence Rechtsanwaltskammer (Lawyers' Chamber/Bar Association) Frankfurt am Main seizes the initiative and offers "Legal-Profession.org" as a platform whereby international co operation may burgeon among organisations and individuals. The tools available at the initial stage are a collection of organisations worldwide who may be relevant to the internationally active Professional - You can find these Organisations either via a google driven map or on a regional / City based dropdown selection. Your results should normaly produce a link to the respective organisation.

Other options are news, events and Traning and CE. Populating the relevant databases is normaly restricted to mandatory or voluntary non-profit organisations and associations. To publish here you are required to register with Legal-Profession.org AND to request approval by the Webmaster of Legal-Profession.org. The former is done online, the latter by an informal mail to the webmaster briefly describing your organisation and what type of contributions you wish to enter. It should be stressed, that any of these contributions should have a strong international, cross-border impact. The operator reserves all rights to remove items which do not meet this requirement at his sole and exclusive discretion. Open to the public is the classifieds ads section, to which contributors are required to register online prior to being able to add items. Equally in this section entries should have a clearly recognizeable international and cross-border impact and specificity for the legal profession. The operator will remove any items which donot meet this standard and particularly remove items and ban their originators from the website which are obvious unspecific sales pitches. As time goes by the databases may be well populated therefor the website offers cross searches by type of entry (news, events...) and types of organisations.

For more information on how to, please read the FAQs or contact the webmaster.